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to become totally proficient using Microsoft PowerPoint, but it is my hope that this Have a basic understanding of the Office Ribbon in Microsoft Office
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With the Background Styles drop down button one can change the background of the MS Power Point presentations and adjust the design according to individual preferences. Once you have chosen the theme and the background style of your PowerPoint document, you may want to add some Animations and also some Transitions to make the PowerPoint presentation look more professional and eye catching. The Transitions tab of PowerPoint has groups called Preview, Transition to this slide and Timing which enable users of PowerPoint to add transition effects to slides and to adjust the timing between transitions from one slide to another.

Along with these one can also add some sounds to their slide shows to make them a lot better. Below is a screenshot to show how the Transition tab and its groups look like in office Microsoft Animations tab is another one of the great features of PowerPoint and it offers a wide range of animation options.

The animations of PowerPoint have been designed and ordered in a way that would easily provide Microsoft PowerPoint users with an instant access to all the animation selections and features.

With PowerPoint , once you have seen them all you have to do is to select the area you want to apply the animation to and click on the animation. Since the main aim of PowerPoint is to enable its users to manage amazing presentations with great tools, you can make use of it as you wish and PowerPoint enables you to save time, effort and it simplifies your work. The below screen capture shows how the Animations tab of PowerPoint and its groups look like. The Animations in Microsoft Office Powerpoint tab has a group called Animation which consists of a wide range of animation options.

Those who are using PowerPoint to create professional slide shows, presentations and so on, all that one has to do is to click on Animations and then click on the drop down button of Animation group. With PowerPoint you can use many different animations and set the time according to your preferences.

Below is a visual representation of how the Animation group of PowerPoint looks like once one clicks on the drop down button. A screenshot to show the animation varieties of Power Point is shown right below. The good thing about PowerPoint animations is that they are shown by pictures and other media which actually make it easier to guess what the ppt presentation would be like and therefore one can save on time and create extraordinary presentations in a short period of time only with PowerPoint Another important feature of application is the ease of adding pictures and also formatting them.

The process is quite similar to the one in Word With PowerPoint you no longer need to use other software to format pictures. If you would like to add a picture to your PowerPoint presentation, all you have to do is to click on Insert tab and then click on Picture.

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There you will have a new window coming up and you will have to select a picture and click on insert and the picture will be inserted into PowerPoint document. This screen capture from our computer monitor shows how you can add a Picture to your PowerPoint documents. Once you have added a picture to your MS Office PowerPoint documents, if you need to format the picture, such as crop it or add a frame, you can do it on PowerPoint without having to use some other software.

All you have to do is to click on the picture you have inserted into presentations and then you will see a new tab appearing which is called Picture Tools Format.

This feature is special to Microsoft PowerPoint and once you click on the tab you will see groups called Adjust, Picture Styles, Arrange and Size. The below screenshot shows how the Picture Tools — Format tab of PowerPoint and its groups look like. PowerPoint enables its users to easily create photo album with much ease. Here is the route to follow to create a Photo Album on PowerPoint You can also add a Text Box and your Photo Album is done.

However for those who wants to make their PowerPoint Photo Album more professional, you can simply click on the pictures you have inserted and format them through the Picture Tools button which is one of the best features of PowerPoint Overall PowerPoint is a spectacular application which enables its users to create highly professional presentations only by using PowerPoint but nothing else. MS PowerPoint has many new features that were not available with the previous PowerPoint versions like and the look of PowerPoint and the ease of using it is one of the best and newest features PowerPoint has.

For instance you can simply add the mostly used selections such as font, save, new etc. One who uses PowerPoint can now create a video on PowerPoint by clicking on share group within the File tab. Once you have clicked the share button all you have to do is to click on create a video and you can simply start creating your video on PowerPoint With PowerPoint , animations menu, word art, video editing, equation editing and many more actions can be done. If you are one of those people who are in need for a good resources for PowerPoint then you can simply visit the links below.

Microsoft PowerPoint - Work together on PowerPoint presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint This is a visual representation of how the application should look like. Getting Started with Microsoft PowerPoint PowerPoint is one of the most frequently used Microsoft Office applications and therefore while reading on you will find out basic information about this application and its amazing new features.

The following screenshot represents how to Pin PowerPoint to start menu. Ways of Adding New Slide to PowerPoint presentation Once you have opened a new PowerPoint presentation and want to create a slide show you should first start with adding the title and the text that you want to have in your application presentation.

Basic tasks for creating a PowerPoint presentation

Screenshot to show how to add a new slide to your presentation is right below. You can view either the entire presentation, or just few a few slides. This is the best way to view your presentation for its clarity, flow, appearance, and impact on the audience. You can click the screen with your mouse to advance through the slides and animations in your presentation.

Once you have viewed the entire presentation, the slide show will close and return to the previous view that was used before PowerPoint ran the slide show.

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You can toggle the display arrow to one of the annotation tools available, select the color of the ink used, and select the eraser to remove annotations that you have added. These can assist you in minimizing the onscreen distraction when delivering your presentation. A custom show is simply a subset of slides from a larger presentation that you can define and then playback as a mini-presentation.

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